For some people, travelling with less baggage isn’t a good idea, so even for a short journey they carry fleet of baggage. Unfortunately, Airlines just rip off their passengers by charging exorbitant sum for the baggage they carry along with them. In these cases, you can be thankful to ConEx Logistics for baggage and personal effects. Our valuable Personal Baggage services will arrange for your excess baggage to be carried on to your destination, you have to simply collect them from a pre-arranged point after your arrival. Meanwhile, your baggage and personal effects will be cautiously and safely transported, our carriage services will be carried by experienced baggage handling staff, and they will collect from your point of arrival whenever it’s convenient for you.

Your priceless baggage and personal effects will get specialist treatment by our staff whose job is to guarantee that cargo gets to its destination safely and securely. Valuable belongings deserve the best possible treatment, so if you’re flying in style, let us arrange for your baggage and personal effects transport to your destination. Our clients include global mail and distribution services, freight forwarders, wholesalers, retailers, courier companies and e-commerce businesses who intend to move your personal baggage at your destination safely.

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