Multimodal transport refers to a blend of at least two means of transport. This results in an integrated transport chain where the strength of each option is fully utilized. Today’s global trade has surpassed all barriers and consequently there is a real need for a successful and cost-effective transport solution. ConEx Logistics has invested heavily in updating the communication network, training of employees and expanding of agency network only to constantly upgrade the quality of our services. Not all Indian Forwarding agencies boast of issuing a Multimodal Transport document which has a thorough insurance support for a door to door transportation, but we do. Our door to door services is inclusive and takes into account every cost aspect. We not only offer our customers excellent cost savings at every step but also endlessly attempt to perk up the quality of our services.

Our outstanding association with all carriers ensures certain and secures delivery of consignments to every part of the globe, irrespective of shape and size. The introduction of multimodal modes for transport mainly combines the flexibility of trucks with economical means of transport that are meant for long-distance forwarding. The benefits of utilizing miscellaneous means of transport ideally outweigh or yet surpass the operating cost. This generally depends on the distance to be covered, the competence of transshipment points and the goods to be transported.

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