With the help of our skilled personnel, broad selection of trusted overseas shipping partners and local freight professionals, we are able to handle complex cross trade shipments across land, sea and air with accuracy. Our Specialists cross trade professional work with specific shipping agents known for their unique cargo handling proficiency. We offer an inclusive range of ‘bolt-on’ services for regular and cross trade transport including cargo insurance, packing, lashing / securing, container stuffing and local inland logistics. This means Conex Logistics can deliver first rate cross trade logistics services for shipments of any size or volume from just about any port in the world’s most difficult to reach destinations.


We are specialized in International Shipping and Freight Forwarding with a global network of freight agents, partners and suppliers. Since our early days, we offer comprehensive services for cargo of all types. ConEx Logistics has been enthusiastically endorsing cross trade activities to its customers by representing useful handling of cargo from two different locations. We handle a large number of supplies across continents, thanks to our well established agency network and partnerships that understand our customer’s specific needs. ConEx Logistics runs a network of skilled agents to transport your products from one continent to another, leaving an exceptional example of cross trade.

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