We undertake shipping and customs documentation and payment of taxes and duties are handled online, thus helping our clients abide by import policies at the same time lessening pricey delays. The control and visibility of clients’ shipments are completely monitored personalized reporting system. We accumulate perfect and precise customs declarations which help you keep fully compliant and delivering quality and peace of mind. We offer a comprehensive customs clearance system that virtually enhances the speed and efficiency of your business transactions. Our customs clearance system of all Import or Export Cargo is very professional, effective and speedy.


With facilities to file online entries and expertise in handling all kinds of schemes including ATA Carnets, Temporary Imports etc, we really create value to custom clearance activity. Our domestic and international customers deal with us in full confidence and integrity. Our staff is qualified and knows the complexity of custom clearance as it is vital in foreign trade and need much attention. As an established firm in this field, we are adept in clearing customs for cargo outbound and inbound shipment in timely manner and with reliable cost. Our good connection with customs authority, export and import sector and unmatched knowledge of foreign trade lets us clear every cargo with ease.

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